Otari School - Te Kura o Otari

Support staff are vital for ensuring a range of administrative, management and teaching outcomes are achieved. From managing the school office, teaching te reo, supporting students with special needs and caring for our physical environment, the work of support staff at Otari School is highly valued.

Office Manager: Jillian Wilson is the full-time office manager, responsible for a multitude of daily administrative tasks that help the school to run smoothly and provides important assistance to the Principal in his management role.
IT Support: Deanne Grigsby looks after the IT equipment in the school.

Kaiarahi i te reo: Parekohai Wells supports the teaching of te reo Māori throughout the Immersion strand. Parekohai has significant teaching responsibility in this area.
Montessori Teaching Assistant: Jamie Flude works in the Montessori Strand every day assisting teachers in the delivery of Montessori education.
Māori Immersion Teaching Assistants: Katrina Murray and Bridie Te Maipi work within the Māori Immersion Strand, assisting the junior students with their learning.
Special Needs Teacher Aides: Currently there are six special needs teacher aides delivering support for range of students who have special needs. They are Rebecca McKenzie-Pollock, Jamie Flude, Richard Kobiti-Hiko, Cynthia Alyward, Harry McKee, Bubba Hiko and Nghi Jusay.
Caretaker: Rakesh Sharma ensures our school property needs are addressed.
Library Assistant: Hilary Eats works on Tuesdays in the library.

166 Wilton Road, Wilton, Wellington 6012 Telephone: 04 475 3018 Email office@otari.school.nz