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Introducing the Montessori Trust
The Wilton Montessori Education Trust enables and supports Montessori education at our school. We also help to coordinate Montessori families’ involvement and Montessori strand events. Essentially, the Trust finances any Montessori-specific expenses, such as purchasing Montessori equipment, funding additional teachers, and funding training. We also help organise and run various social and educational events during the year.
We meet regularly during the year and all families and staff of the Montessori strand are welcome to come along. Watch the school newsletter for upcoming meetings. We are still looking for eager new members!
While attending a state school is free, the Trust asks for extra financial support to maintain an authentic Montessori environment for our tamariki. Your donations are the exclusive funding for Montessori equipment, Montessori training and funding the Montessori teaching assistant.
Donations are a one off payment of $600 on entry for the first child and $300 for subsequent children, followed by termly amounts of $250 for the first child, $220 for the second child and $200 for the third. We are happy to accept termly, monthly or weekly payments. Payments can be made to the Trust's bank account 03 1540 0016470 00. 
Please note the school donation is additional to the trust donation.
Members of the Trust are:
  • Ruth McFayden - Chair
  • Stefanie Dixon - Treasurer
  • Fiona Miles - Secretary
  • Julia Luty
  • Esteban Funes
  • Miles Nolte

For more information about the Montessori Strand and our philosophy at Otari School please click hereMontessori Strand

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