Otari School - Te Kura o Otari


Te Kura o Otari has three strands:
  • a Original Strand, teaching all learning areas from The New Zealand Curriculum, using educational methods similar to those in most primary schools throughout New Zealand.
  • a Māori Immersion Strand in which the students’ education is based on Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, the national Māori curriculum, primarily delivered in te reo Māori.
  • a Montessori Strand of classes whose education is based on The New Zealand Curriculum and the Montessori philosophy as represented by the Montessori curriculum and its particular philosophy, training, equipment and strategies.  
More information on each strand is in the folders to the left.
Currently there are four classrooms in the Original Strand, three in the Immersion Strand and two in the Montessori Strand. Our classrooms enjoy ‘whānau groupings’ which means that there are mixed-aged groups within each class. This system provides many benefits for the children and adds to the character of the school
Each strand has a Strand Leader, who is responsible for developing programmes of learning that pertain to the strand. Their priority is addressing strand needs, aspirations and plans, effectively liaising with their strand community and keeping the Principal, staff, and BoT up to date on strand developments. In terms of the curriculum, strand leaders ensure the curriculum is being implemented in a way that supports the particular features of their strand.
Māori Immersion Strand Leader:  Wairere Ropata
Montessori Strand Leader:  Deborah Sorensen
Original Strand Leader:  Susan West


Te Kura o Ōtari is split into two syndicates for teaching and planning purposes: Syndicate 1 covers years 0 to 4 and Syndicate 2 covers years 5 to 8. 

Each syndicate has a Syndicate Leader, who is responsible for leading the teaching and learning programmes that are relevant for a particular age range. Syndicate leaders meet with other teachers who teach the same ages to address the needs of these students, planning for curriculum areas including special activities and programmes (such as a speech contest or a swimming programme).
Scheduling meetings at Te Kura o Ōtari can be challenging as teachers have strand, syndicate, full staff and management meetings and there are areas that overlap. We also have some teachers who belong to two syndicates. However we somehow manage to make it all work!

The leadership positions at the school, apart from the Strand and Syndicate Leaders, are the Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal.

The Principal is responsible for the day to day management of the school, curriculum leadership and overall pastoral care of the students.
The Deputy Principal at Ōtari School closely assists the Principal in the management and organisation of the school.  She is the Acting Principal if the principal is away.
The Assistant Principal at Te Kura o Ōtari is responsible for running the Immersion Strand. Where necessary, she also assists the Principal and Deputy Principal with overall school management and steps into the Deputy Principal role should the Principal be absent, or Acting Principal role if both the Principal and Deputy Principal are out of the school.
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